Cica ar fi filmarea orginala a accidentului aviatic in care si-a pierdut viata presedintele Poloniei.
Cine stie ruseste e rugat sa ma lamureasca ce zic aia.

2 thoughts on “Accident aviatic

  1. 0:17 -See me in the eye!
    0:22 -Calm down!
    0:30 -Goes….(Rebiat)
    0:40 -(man or plate?)
    0:43 -Are considered to (Uchodit…Uchodit)
    0:48 -Give this bungling
    0:50 -Do not kill us !!!
    0:54 -Alive
    0:57 -(The first shot)
    01:01 -Fuck!
    01:07 -(A second shot)
    01:10 -(Laughter)
    01:13 -We’re going from here
    01:15 -(The third shot)
    01:17 -(The fourth shot)
    01:20 -Shoot in the back of the head
    01:22 -Fuck

    Astea le-am gasit aici: http://www.nothingtoxic.com/media/1273624661/Controversial_Amateur_Footage_of_Polish_Plane_Crash_That_Took_Out_Government

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