Meth addicts

As the last months i revealed the “meth at home” formula, let me show now how cool the meth addicts looks after few months of using that shit…

Meth at home

First part: 5. Pour 1/8 teaspoon of the lye crystals into the bottle of ephedrine and agitate. Do this carefully, as the mixture will become hot, and give off hydrogen gas and/or steam. H2 gas is explosive and lighter than air, avoid any flames as usual. Repeat this step until the mixture remains cloudy. This

Making Methamphetamine at home

How to make meth at home… List of chemicals and materials: Diluted HCl – also called Muriatic acid – can be obtained from hardware stores, in the pool section NaOH – also called lye Ethyl Ether – aka Diethyl Ether – Et-0-Et – can be obtained from engine starting fluid, usually from a large supermarket.