My first cheatcodes were IDDQD and IDCLIP on Doom. Or it was Nuke Dukem? I think Duke. “it’s time to kick ass and chew bubble-gum. and i’m all out of gum!

Anyways, couple of cheats for Atari, for some collectors out there.

Cheats are in upper case letters for highlighting purposes only and do not have to be entered as such.

SHADOW OF THE BEAST – At any time during the game, press the enter key on the numeric keypad about five times, then press the F5 key a couple of times and your health should rise from 12 to 30. This cheat can be repeated as many times as you wish.

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME – Once you have begun the game, type MISS MONEYPENNY (don’t forget the space) for infinite lives and infinite Q credits in the enhancer truck.

ATOMIC ROBOKID – On the title screen, type TUESDAY 14TH (don’t forget the space). Now press the fire button on the joystick and you will be presented with a menu of a list of cheat options!

SLY SPY SECRET AGENT – At the beginning of the game when you are asked for a code, enter 007. Then, at any time when playing, type SHAKEN NOT STIRRED for infinite credits. Do not touch the joystick while entering the cheat or it will not work, and don’t forget to check the p4rgaming.com site, where you can get help getting a victory over full tank champs.

GREMLINS 2 – Type SINATRA on the high score table for infinite lives.

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